Emco Building Blocks Police Heroes

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Emco Building Blocks - Police Heroes 8306


Emco is a toy brand that offers construction toys for little ones!

Construction toys make great family projects. Emco toys are an especially good way for parents to have quality time with the kids.

Enjoy building up with your pre-schooler! Emco blocks are perfect to introduce block building for early learners. These blocks fit with most of the leading preschool blocks giving you more flexibility to build in options onto your existing set.


This Police Station edition will complete all your city heroes adventure story. Rescue the City and be a hero, its really fun !!



  • 45 - blocks
  • 5 - figures
  • 1 - Choper
  • 1 - Patrol Car
  • 1 - Police Van
  • 1 - Patrol Motorbike
  • 2 - Accesories


Kids Ages: 3 years & up